Miranda Konstantinidou – Spring/Summer 2013

Posted by Asymina Kantorowicz in Designer Collections

Miranda+Konstantinidou+Runway+Mercedes+Benz+hUrF0Gw61MRl Miranda Konstantinidou   Spring/Summer 2013

Miranda Konstantinidou’s 2013 Spring/Summer collection debut during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin, on July 7th was about  stunning colour combinations, tribal accessories and most of all, fun. The models showcased femininity to the fullest with the flowing dresses, matching headbands and chunky necklaces. The illusion set off by her designs was unique and different yet attainable for the everyday woman.

The dresses possessed tribal like qualities that beautifully swayed as the models walked down the runway. Perhaps the most eccentric aspect of the show were the tight knot hairdos adorned with a scarf headband and circular hippie glasses. The show gave off the appeal of resort attire which makes sense since these girls appear ready for the summer season.

Miranda+Konstantinidou+Runway+Mercedes+Benz+aXz8fAeclMql Miranda Konstantinidou   Spring/Summer 2013Miranda+Konstantinidou+Runway+Mercedes+Benz+vwDZFAaMMogl Miranda Konstantinidou   Spring/Summer 2013Miranda+Konstantinidou+Runway+Mercedes+Benz+RZwrfdeBaiPl Miranda Konstantinidou   Spring/Summer 2013

The designer of the collection, Miranda Konstantinidou, was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. She later went on to study fashion illustration and costume design in both Germany and Italy. One can only assume that having traveled to these various locations has inspired her unique flare and perception.  She has won awards for her stylistic adaptations and is clearly passionate about her work.

Over 15 years ago she also started Konplott, a jewelry line, based in the Philippines. Each piece is carefully designed by Konstantinidou and then crafted by hand. Her collections are also limited ensuring value in everything she creates.

ddff11fcca33aceaf5ff5b16b1cab606.image.600x523 Miranda Konstantinidou   Spring/Summer 2013     thumb Klonplott%20cluster%20ring%20rose Miranda Konstantinidou   Spring/Summer 2013     f830ed2502e513ced5618e09239aafeb.image.338x260 Miranda Konstantinidou   Spring/Summer 2013