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Marc Jacobs A/W 2013 RTW

Drawing inspiration from Menswear for yet another inexplicable season, Marc Jacobs closes the 8-day Fashion Week on Thursday night with a dramatic sepia light that shined just as brightly as the clothes did.

The show started off with glaring sepia lights that washed out all colour in the room leaving only black and white hues and shadows.

Leaving photographers and the audience wanting more, Jacobs gave it to them. After a quick lap of torturous shadows, the models returned back on stage, this time with lighting that accentuated all detail.

With trends that ranged from beautiful full cashmere coats (inspired by the 1940s) to more “artistic” ensembles such as topless models and trouser-styled boy shorts, this collection and show did not disappoint.

Models glided onto stage in sixties styled hair and makeup, flaunting the dark,wine and metallic colour palette we are very much used to seeing in the colder seasons.

Satin pyjama tops (or lounge wear as some call it) were presented giving off the perfect understated chic look. Made from the finest fabrics, these pyjama tops gave the show the perfect glamourous yet chilled vibe.

Gorgeous heavy cashmere coats were definitely another reoccurring trend that designers just can not let go this season. Seen on numerous other catwalks, these classic outerwear designs are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Here’s another example of the classy feel the silk and satin PJ tops brought. Paired with trouser-like boy shorts and accessorized with glamourous fur, this look couldn’t sum up his collection any better. With the tint of Menswear, fur and silky glam, no wonder Marc Jacobs climbed his way up the fashion latter so fast!

To finish off, here are a few more glimpses and highlights of the bright show. I’m sure by now you can see just what all the buzz is about! Cashmere coats, silk PJs, fur lined accessories, topless ensembles… the beauty of fashion shines on and on here at the Marc Jacobs stage.



Channeling vintage and a very Coco Chanel like look, Marc Jacobs rocked New York once again.

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