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Megan Draper is the much younger second wife of Don Draper. Although Megan has not been around long she has made her mark. She is caring towards the children, she stands up to Don and takes risks.

Megan is young, vibrant and adventurous. She helps Don explore a different side of himself. She is unpredicatable but sweet and caring. She is one of the only people who will fight Don.

Her relationship with Peggy mirrors Peggy and Joans. Peggy admired Megan’s work and success at the agency and relived her success through her. When Megan leaves the agency Peggy is one of the only people who respects her more.

Megan’s only grievance stands with Betty Draper, who through her own unhappiness wants this union broken. While Megan does nothing to provoke her, her prescience is enough to drive Betty mad.

Her style is shown through her youth. She is fashionable, keeps up on trends and shows the coming seventies in her bold patterns. Through Megan viewers are starting to see darker colours, crazier patterns and different shapes. The underskirts and pearls are gone, form fitting outfits with chunkier jewelry are the future. Megan also is great at showcasing her strength – her legs. Most of her shirts and dresses cover both her arms and neck while the length rarely goes below the knee.

Megan Draper

The famous Zou Zou Bisou dress, long flowing sleeves, high neckline and short skirt. Megan knows her legs are her best asset and shows them off well. Pairing the look with some glamour will keep the look from being bland. Even though it is covered, it is still sexy.

Megan Draper Two

Megan loves a bright colour. This is the perfect look for work, the high neckline keeps the look demure while the bright colour draws attention. Her accessories are neutral not fighting the pink but complimenting.

Megan Draper Three

This last look is the most casual Megan has gotten at work. She wears a lot of bold patterns, fitting in with the coming of the seventies. She is young which is why the colours are brighter and the skirt is closer to her body. The dark long sleeve shirt compliments the skirts multitude of colours and helps make it stand out more.

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