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When Mad Men began, Joan Harris was the bombshell of the office: Bright orange hair, flirty demeanor and curves every woman longs for. She ran the office, knew everything about everyone and did not take life too seriously. After five seasons, Joan is seeing life in a different light.

She is now dealing with a child, a failed marriage and insecurity. Life has finally caught up to her and it is not as wonderful as she  expected it to be. Though she tries to appear as though her life is perfect and under control, Joan is really keeping her troubles buried under many layers.

Joan’s friendships are her only real moments of kindness and appreciation. With Peggy she is the strong, older sister figure, guiding her from innocence to adulthood. As the only two consistent females, they share beautiful moments of frustration. Joan and Lane have a relationship that exposes their insecurity with the position in the company. But the real honest moments Joan shares with both Don and John Slattery. Don believes Joan is this strong, impenetrable figure, and is one of the only women in the world he respects. With John, who affectionately calls her Joanie, she was the one that got away, the one that could never really work. Their relationship is touching and beautiful, and one of the strongest plots of the series.

One aspect that never fails is her sense of style. Joan has these beautiful curves, and is one of those women who understands how to work them. You will never see her in a shapeless sack, all her clothes conform perfectly to her body. Joan’s use of colour is equally impressive.With bright orange hair, many women would be nervous with picking bright colours – Joan transcends. With her hair perfectly coifed, Joan’s style shows a strong sense of self, giving her the confidence to control the office.

Joan Harris Three

Even on a day  when she’s unexpectedly called into the office, Joan looks sensational. The casual sweater and skirt give her a little more comfort while still being professional. She wears her trademark pen necklace and earrings to add more flavor to the outfit, and she completes her look with neutral heels. To not look over sexualized, Joan wears tight apparel that covers a lot of her skin. The houndstooth skirt is right on trend again and will keep you looking stylish, just like Joan.

Joan Harris Two

This look shows Joan’s more casual work wear. The printed blouse with the voluminous bow draws attention to her chest. The belt will bring the volume down and make the waist look smaller while the longer, neutral skirt is unassuming. Pairing these with gold jewelry adds a classy touch while showing Joan’s eye for detail.

Joan Harris One

Joan’s signature look is professional but sexy. The collared necklace and matching scarf help to keep her looking classy. The bright red colour allows her to stand out amongst the darker colours in the office. She is showcasing her amazing curves by keeping the dress tight, but it is still demure at a longer length.

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