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Get The Look of Mad Men’s Betty Draper Francis!

Betty Draper Francis is on a constant search for happiness. Betty believes she has done everything right, she married the perfect, handsome man, had two beautiful children and lives in a lovely suburban home. Everything is right but she is not happy.

Betty was a docile housewife – the stereotype. She looked perfect every morning, brought up two beautiful children and had dinner on the table every night. Throughout the first and second season, viewers watched as Betty matured; cheering her on as she found strength and freed herself from the shackles.

Upon marrying Henry Francis, Betty longs for the old days with Don. Even though Henry is wonderful and she believes he will make her happy, it doesn’t. At the beginning of the fourth season we see the manifestation of her unhappiness in her weight.

Don is happy in a posh Manhattan apartment with a new (young) wife. Betty is overweight, unhappy and feuding with everyone. She even tries using her daughter, Sally, to get in between Don and Megan (his wife).

Betty’s style is unbelievible, from casual wear to dressy events she is at the forefront of sixities style. Even when pregnant Betty looks stylish. The former model has a great figure and though she is not as bold as her modeling days, she is still fashion forward. She is chic and daring at social events, and understated but put together at home. Below are some of her classic looks from the show and how you can recreate them.

Betty Draper Francis

Betty’s day to day style is classically sixties. The dress looks like separates, which adds interest without standing out too much. Belting the dress at the waist helps break up the dress – like this beautiful number from Modcloth. Making the shoes a different colour, spices up the dress, while the pearls keep it distinguished.

Betty Draper Francis 2

“Here she’s added her winter white cashmere coat. That’s a genuine piece. And of course she’s wearing her pearls and it’s almost like an Hermes style vintage scarf — it’s not Hermes, it just looks like it! That classic Betty Draper style. And the gloves, and the quilting at the cuff. It’s quite simple but so gorgeous. And you know, you still see women like this. That beautiful classic style from the period that they’ve carried on for their entire lives.” – Janie Bryant (Costume designer for Mad Men)

Betty Draper Francis 3

Betty’s pregnancy didn’t stop her from looking adorable. The white lace and pink bow keep the look innocent – angelic. With a solid colour dress, belting it with a different, brighter colour keep it from looking monotonous.

Betty Draper Francis 4

This last look showcases Betty’s daring style. While in Paris, Betty decided to step things up a notch. Although the dress is all black, the strap-y sleeves keep it unique. Betty also steps up the jewlery and clutch by making them gold she adds colour to the outfit. This outfit is still classy but  she is branching out her her regular wear to show she still has an incredible sense of style.

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