Love it or Hate it: Uggs!

uggsOver the last couple of years, Uggs have been the go-to fall and winter footwear. 

These fur-lined boots may have been popular for the last couple of seasons and as comfy as they are, there is most definitely some negative feedback along side with them.

These plain, support-less and shapeless boots are not fitted for snowy and wet conditions. With no water-resistant technology, these suede boots easily stain and cannot provide the proper protection, support and insulation your sensitive feet need.

Now, for the fashion breakdown. Uggs have sparked up many mixed reviews. Labeled as “UGG-ly”, many stylist see these so called boots as unappealing and boring. But here’s our opinion, if you can make it work – why not work it!


So what do you think of Uggs? Do you own a pair, and how do you make it work? Comment and tell us whether you love them or hate them!


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