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Joe Fresh Goes South & Merges With JCPenney!

Joe Fresh, a Canadian fashion line, launched woman’s apparel in 2006. Owned by well-known Loblaw’s Companies Ltd, Joe Fresh became a brand name that could be bought at discount prices.

Joe Fresh is rather a smaller fashion line here in Canada and hadn’t had a standalone store until fall 2010. Where for the first time Joe Fresh left the comfort of the grocery stores and headed onto the streets in Vancouver.

It was nearly 4 years when designer Mr. Mimran was able to create women’s fashion and sell clothing, while women did her shopping. Super Centers are like our Wal-Mart’s where all products are sold. But even Wal-Mart couldn’t compare with the designs from Joe Fresh that were created and sold. Since opening their first standalone store, there have 6 more independent stores that have opened up.

Of course bearing this news, there is public criticism, good and bad. In a nut shell, this is a great move for Joe fresh in multiple ways. This partnership between Joe Fresh and JCPenney may be able to help turn around the downfall of JCPenney as they look for new ways to appeal to the general marketplace; claiming that Joe Fresh has what they are looking for. Joe Fresh looks at this move in a very positive way regardless of JCPenney’s recent decline in sales. This allows a Canadian brand open more stores to a greater population, to expand their designs, and be amongst other amazing brands to display their fashion line. Each company is looking for growth, looking to build their companies up to a new level in regards to fashion and income; this match seems it can be love at first sight.

Mr. Mimran commented that for the first round, as they launch into JCPenney starting April 2013, they will focus on Woman’s apparel and accessories. As Joe Fresh still remains in control with designs and outlooks, they also wish to remain consistent with JCPenney’s focus.

It’s amazing to see such a small brand move to such greater lengths. Usually, it’s American stores going north of the boarder, but not this time! This is clearly only the beginning for Joe Fresh, and a helpful push for JCPenney who are in their search for growth.

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