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It is so easy to just spend hours of your day and almost your entire data plan in one sitting on Instagram. We just added our account to Instagram to help kill some more time while riding the bus to school, waiting in the doctor’s office, or to look at before bed.

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Check out some of our photos from our feed below!

This Instagram upload is featuring our review of the IMATS 2012! Check out what we had to say on the products featured above!

This Instagram upload is from our review on Fall 2012 Forever 21 Clothing! Check out the review here, and let us know what you think of the pairing of bold colors!

This Instagram upload is Christmas themed! We want to know what you favorite apparel is around the holidays!

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Looking to add some edge into your wardrobe? Biker jackets are a huge trend that we can’t get enough of! Check out our article on these fab pieces here!

We just can’t get enough of this leopard print trend. Check out some celebrities sporting this trend here!

Do you have trouble keeping your brushes organized? It can be difficult to prevent your brushes from bending when they just sit in a makeup. Grab a small class jar and fill it with beading (color of your choice). Insert you brushes so they stand up strait, and there you have it… brushes which are easily accesible, and pretty!

Bring any outfit to life by adding spikes and studs! Spike it up!!

This Instagram upload is inspired by our Mexy Shop Clothing review! We just loved this outfit so much, check out the review here!

Need some holiday nail art inspiration? Check out our article on nail art here!

We have fallen head of heels for fur vests!

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Not only is mint green a delicious ice cream treat, it is also a fabulous color on every skin tone!

Remember when matching your lipstick to your manicure was a major beauty mishap? Well scratch those rules you’ve long ago accepted because that combination has now resurfaced and this time in a positive light. Check out our post on mani to lip matching here!

This Instagram upload was inspired by our clothing review we did with clothing! Check out the review here!

Well that pretty much concludes a list of some of our favorite Instagram uploads on our account! Please let us know if you have any suggestions, or if there is anything more you would like to see.

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