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High Waisted Shorts Make For A Hot Summer

High waisted shorts are popping up everywhere this summer. If you thought your wardrobe was set with a few staple jean shorts think again! Instead of tees and tanks taking the main stage, the high waisted short is literally taking their place.

Waists are getting higher and shorts are getting shorter, leaving little to no room for a shirt to grab attention. Many high waisted shorts are being designed with bold prints and embellishments, making them a stand out piece that only needs a simple tank top as an add on.

As an ode to the 80’s this style is coming back to symbolize the free-spirited summer loving, kind of girl.  Here’s to hoping all of our legs are ready for this hot summer trend! Pair this look with some nude colored sandals, to elongate your legs, and some messy beach waves to send home that carefree look.

You can find the basic jean high waist short at most woman’s clothing stores, but to seek out that special ‘eye-catching’ pair, might take more shopping.

Check out the ‘BDG High Rise Cheeky Short’, they are the perfect summer time companions!

This look is perfect for petite ladies as they really accentuate your waist giving you an hourglass frame! As for the people who don’t think they can pull off this look, try it with a stand out belt to draw in eyes to the smallest part of your waist.

What do you think about this summer trend? Are you hot on its trail or undecidedly leaving it for next year?

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