Greenpeace Fashion Duel: “Your Fashion, Their Death”

For the first few days of Milan Fashion Week, environmental groups which included Greenpeace, protested in front of major designer runways pushing for the world’s finest fashion creators to commit to eco-friendly materials. In addition to this commitment, they fight for the complete ban and use of any materials (fur, dye etc.) that continue to harm the environment.

A Model struts down the side of a building on top of a Greenpeace banner. 

These protests are part of a campaign ran by Greenpeace called the “fashion duel”. This has been a problematic campaign that has been going on for much longer than necessary, but activists are not stepping down anytime soon. Staging symbolic protests such as draping banners over famous italian statues and towers, Greenpeace continues to fight for a their green vision.

Environmental activists are pushing for major designers such as Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Dior, Gucci, Giorgio Armani and Valentino to respond to the question on whether they purchase any material that devours the beauty of nature. While the responses did returned, Greenpeace has released a statement stating its satisfaction with only one house-hold name:  Valentino.

In a desperate attempt to stop the Just-Cavalli show (a label branched of Roberto Cavalli – who scored an ‘unsatisfactory’), a Greenpeace activist holds up a sign in the picture below which translates into “Your Fashion, Their Death”.  

Just-Cavalli has been targeted because of their use washed denim and coloured fur (in previous collections) that results in polluted dyes entering the water system, leaking into water streams and damaging ecosystems.

 When do protest become too far? Well I say this. Peaceful and “symbolic” protest are great, but when they start to get in the way of events and became a disrespectful act, thats a little too much. But what do you think? Should the fashion industry go completely green?

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