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Gossip Girl Fashion Recap: Blair Waldorf

6 seasons, 611 episodes. And Gossip Girl was finally revealed. As the show grew, we not only fell in love with the characters, story lines and love triangles but also with the outstanding fashion. But as the final minutes of Gossip Girl aired monday night, it was time for us to say our last goodbyes to not only the beautiful city and characters- but also the numerous walk-in closets!

There’s nothing more astonishing for fashion fanatics than to admire expensive and designer clothes worn by the “it” girls of New York’s elite: Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) and  Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively). So to start our Gossip Girl fashion recap, here’s a bit on our favourite upper east side brunette- Blair Waldorf.


Blair Waldorf

(If you are reading this, you probably watched the finale but incase you haven’t yet…hint: there’s a spoiler coming up!) For those of you who watched the last episode of the beloved Gossip girl, you would know that the beautiful blue dress she is wearing in the bottom right picture above (spoiler alert) is her wedding dress. A Elie Saab piece, and typical Blair Waldorf piece. I couldn’t think of a better dress to sum up her personal style and personality. 

Blair Waldorf’s style is really all about the tailored, structured fabric that fit her body in a conservative yet fun, playful and girly way. Our favourite “mean” girl’s style consists of several feminine skirts, chiffon blouses, fitted trench coats, accessories and of course her signature piece – the headband.

With her style icon being Audrey Hepburn, its pretty obvious that her personal style will go along the lines of timeless and feminine trends. (Think pearls, LBD and Tiffany & Co.)

But to grab that attention her character always craves, a burst of colour, print and a touch of girly detailing is what makes Blair Waldorf’s preppy style memorable. Never mistaken or forgotten, Blair’s outfits are always personalized with multi-colour ensembles and numerous numbers of lace, bows and ruffled detailing.

Blair Waldorf’s effortlessly put together outfits leaves us lusting over every single one of her fabulous designer outfits.

To achieve a classic Waldorf look, ditch the denim, pull out the pencil skirts, blazers and headbands! And if its winter, add some tights and you’ll be set! Blair’s outfits might seem much more complex, but with the right amount of prep and confidence, you’ll be able to pull it off in no time!

Till next time…. xoxo Secrets Of A Good Girl.


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