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Get The Look of The New Girl’s Schmidt!

Schmidt – like Cher apparently – is the egotistical, womanizer of The New Girl. (Think Barney Stinson). Although he may be clean his mouth is not, and anything dirty means money in the douchebag jar. Until moving in with this group Schmidt was obese causing his obsession with appearance.

Schmidt is well put together, has a great job and loves life. While he may be an absurd human, you can’t say he doesn’t live life to the fullest and go for what he loves. Schmidt dresses to the nines. His classy wardrobe gives off the impression of a high paying job and shows he has great style.


With women’s suits always making a statement this year, it is important to go full out. Experiment with colour, pattern and proportions. Schmidts style is simple and clean. He does try different colours but usually he sticks within the same colour story. This is a chic way to mimic his style.

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