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Get The Look Of Glee’s Quinn Fabray!

Quinn Fabray, portrayed by Dianna Agron, had the biggest transformation throughout the show. She began as a villain, making sure no one – Rachel Berry – took away her boyfriend, and tried to disband the Glee club. Fabray became pregnant, gave up her baby and became more sympathetic.

Fabray began the show as a cheerleader, but by the end of her time in high school she was a permanent glee club member. Her personal struggles showed in her choices, when she was kicked off the cheerleading squad because of her pregnancy and began to become nicer to everyone. She finally felt what it was like to not be popular. The next year she was right back where she started, getting Santana bumped from the Cheerio’s captain spot to the bottom of the pyramid.

The beginning of her senior year she changed up her image again, she became a goth and joined a girl gang called The Skanks. Her stint as a goth didn’t last long, but by the end of the year her life would change completely. While driving – and texting – Fabray was in a car accident which left her temporarily paralyzed. This deepened her relationship with Artie as he helped her navigate the chair. The next season has Fabray attending the Yale School of Drama.

With each personality change, Fabray completely changed her look. When she was a cheerleader that was all she wore, pregnant she dressed innocent and pious. As a goth Fabray dyed her hair pink and wore only dark colours, and when she returned to her natural personality she looked hip and professional. Below showcase three of her signature styles from the show.


Quinn Fabray 1
This first look showcases the good girl portion of Fabray’s personality. The lace layered skirt, belted cardigan, long blonde hair and light colours keep her looking youthful and feminine. The oxford Sunday School shoes also add a youthful innocence to her look. Wearing the belt outside the cardigan, and the wedged shoes help to make her look more mature and not too young.
Quinn Fabray 3
This second look showcases Fabray’s goth phase. Her colour palette completely changed from bright girly colours to dark neutrals. The pink in her hair is a more rebellious neon pink instead of the softer pinks she used to wear. This look is also very seventies with the long flowing skirt, crop top and fringe purse. This is an interesting mesh of trends but really works with Fabray’s changing styles.
Quinn Fabray 2
When Fabray turns back to her normal self, her style becomes more modern. She keeps the cute bob but lets her natural blonde fill back in. Her innocent and girly style becomes more mature and professional. She wears a pop of colour with every outfit and loves a cute patterned blazer. Fabray stays modern with dark jeans and neutral flats. This look is perfect for a girl transitioning to University.
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