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brittany Get The Look of Glees Brittany S. Pierce!

Brittany S. Pierce, portrayed by Heather Morris, is a student and cheerleader repeating her final year at McKinley High. Pierce is a very ditzy blonde, earning a 0.0 GPA during her senior year, despite this, Pierce was named senior class president for the 2011-2012 year. Although she is not the brightest crayon in the box, she is very kind and is close friends with all the members of the Glee club.

In season one Pierce becomes one of the Cheerio spies, along with best friends Quinn Fabray and Santana Lopez. By the end of the season, after some – unknown to her – sabotaging, she is happy to perform with the Glee club, and gets along well with the other members.

Morris got her big break on the show during the second season. While Pierce is under anesthesia she imagines herself in various Britney Spears videos. The dancing is just as good as Spears and shows that Pierce is incredibly talented and can out dance every other member. This also gives Pierce more confidence in herself and her abilities.

Pierce was a member of the Brainiacs, the McKinley High decathlon team. She was recruited because they did not have enough members but because of her knowledge of cat diseases, brought the team to victory.  By the beginning of the third season Pierce begins a relationship with Santana Lopez, while the two were seeing each other throughout the show, it was never serious.

Pierce’s style is a lot like her personality,  well-intentioned but slightly bizarre. She doesn’t care what others think and goes for loud colours and patterns. There is no way to narrow her style down to one, instead she takes pieces from everything and combines them to create something unique.

c500x571 Get The Look of Glees Brittany S. Pierce!
Pierce uses a lot of layers in her outfits, pairing a blouse with the dress instead of just a cardigan or sweater. This changes up the look and creates the look of separates. Pierce continues the polka dot trend throughout the look by adding polka dot knee socks. Pierce looks preppy and girly while still keeping her look unique.
c500x319 Get The Look of Glees Brittany S. Pierce!
The look showcases Pierce’s unique flair for mixing patterns. The floral pants in a darker colour allow for the rest of the outfit to accentuate the other colours. Pierce brings in the other colours with the bright arm socks and graphic tank top. Pierce keeps this unique by adding a trapper hat with a bold pattern.
c500x254 Get The Look of Glees Brittany S. Pierce!
This last look is the most high fashion and trendy. Pierce uses the burgundy knee socks to add some colour to the black and white outfit. The suspenders over the baggy shirt keep the look interesting while showing off her figure. Giving the shirt a bold pattern makes up for the lack of colour. The combat boots make the look edgier which showcases another side of Pierce’s personality.
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