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Get The Look of Bonnie and Clyde’s Bonnie Parker!

Bonnie Elizabeth Parker is based on the real life criminal with the same name. While the film is not exactly historically accurate – it romanticizes and exaggerates – it depicts a general version of the couples years together. What makes this story so great is Bonnie’s participation. To have a young couple rob banks, kill people and engage in acts shocking for the time, brings a new sense of excitement to the criminal lifestyle.

The Bonnie Parker the film portrays is the girl the media created based on photos found in the Joplin hideout. The photos depicted a  gun-toting, cigar smoking wild child. The real Bonnie was a writer – recording her thoughts in a diary – like taking photos and had top marks in high school. Everything changed when she was sixteen, Bonnie married a small time criminal and dropped out of high school. Though the marriage did not last, they were never divorced and she was wearing her ring when she was killed.

The pair were killed in a police ambush on May 23rd, 1934. During her time with the gang she was witness to over one hundred felonies. In two years the gang killed eight people, kidnapped seven and conducted six bank robberies. Parker was also seriously injured after Blanche Barrow – Clydes sister in law – accidently flipped the car she was driving. Parker received third degree burns to her right leg, and by the end of her life she could barely walk.

Bonnie’s style is glamourous but practical. She always looks put together but keeps the look casual enough to be versatile. A lot of her looks contain one colour and neutrals. Some of her clothes were taken, and she still manages to pull it off beautifully. Bonnie knew she carried some sex appeal and her style was a little risque, especially for the time.


This dress is both flirty and feminine. The long sleeves and high neckline keep the look demure. It is best to only show off legs or chest, and this look is all leg. Pairing the look with a neutral shoe keeps it safe, to jazz the outfit up you could add a printed tight and heels and transition into night.

Bonnie Two

Pairing a houndstooth pencil skirt with a bright fall colour gives this look an interesting twist on this years trends. Bonnie’s flair for fashion is shown perfectly in this outfit. The skirt and bandana tone down the brightness of the colour, while the hat and shoes in the same shade help to complete the look. This is chic and trendy, perfect for daytime.

Bonnie Three

The film recreated the moment when the iconic pictures first hit newspapers. These pictures showed Bonnie as a sex symbol, which brought her and Clyde into the spotlight. This look is mostly neutral so I added a pop of colour in the shoe. The blouse and belted midi skirt add a bit of volume while still showing curves by taking in the waist. This look is classy and put together while still being trendy and adorable.

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