Gatsby Inspired Fashion!

While The Great Gatsby (possibly one of America’s greatest classic novel of all time) continues to climb the box office with its new adaptation of the book, fashion and beauty trends all over the runway resemble the twenties fashion found in Gatsby!

From fringe, headbands, over-the-knee length dresses and tons of sparkle, the twenties were a prosperous time of flapper fashion! This season, the roaring twenties take over the fashion industry as this new glamourous style emerges back into modern fashion!

The twenties, known as the Jazz age, was the beginning of a new era of independence – especially for women. As they began ditching the confined clothing and corsets, they embraced clothing much more loose fitting and comfortable yet girly and flirty.

As seen by Daisy Buchanan (played by Carey Mulligan), the glitz and glam cannot be overlooked! From strings of pearls and crystal, layers of fur, and diamond encrusted headbands its clear the fashion of the twenties was geared towards the socialites and elite upper class.

Hair, is another big noticeable 20s trend! Like Myrtle (played by Isla Fisher), hair was usually short, bob like and styled down. Reaching up to her chin, which allows the hair to frame and highlight face shape and features, the hairstyles found in the 20s became yet another representation of women’s independence.


Well, we’ve talked a lot about the 20s fashion, so how will you rock this Gatsby Inspired Fashion Trend? Here’s how!

1) Fringe: 

Nina Ricci SS13

There’s no doubt fringe was huge in the 20s and Gatsby! The free-flowing layers are perfect for the spring/summer season! Try adding this fun flare of flapper fashion to your everyday outfits!

2) T-strap Heels

Marchesa SS12

Pointed T-strap heels are not only high fashion,  perfect for any occasion and very flapper-esque, but these lovely ladies give better support than regular pumps while staying on trend for this summer season!

3) Drop-waisted Silouhettes

Rodarte, Christian Dior, Reem Arca SS12/13

Very evidently inspired by The Great Gatsby, these drop-waisted dresses are screaming comfortable and twenties fashion!

4) Accessorize heaven: Hats, Gloves, Headbands, Fur, Pearls!

LV S/S13

From Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2013 RTW collection, headbands, diamond earrings, and very sophisticated and glamourous accessories were used!  Very clean, pretty and simple-like styles help add to the glam of the 1920’s outfits!

 So as you can see, 20s fashion dominated all the spring/summer collections!

Which trend will you be rocking?

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