What To Wear On A First Date

Let’s face it, the process of finding the perfect first date outfit is probably one of the longest and most nerve-wrecking tasks out there.

“Does this make me look desperate? Is this too formal, too casual? What if he hates this colour? Heels or flats?” We all asked ourselves similar questions as we prepared ourselves for that much anticipated first impression.  So instead of trying on every single possible outfit your closet holds, here’s a few tips and tricks on what to wear for a casual first date.


The trickiest first date outfit to pull off is probably one that includes a skirt. (Especially at this time of year!) You obviously don’t want to freeze your legs off, and you also probably don’t want to “overdress, ” so  here’s a basic guideline to wearing a skirt to a casual date. If you don’t want to appear in a booty emphasizing pencil skirt (that just screams desperate), you can always wear a mid-length lightweight skirt with patterns. Next, pair it off with a basic top. Keep the colours neutral if you want to play it safe. Lastly, pull on some knee high socks and those very trendy riding boots.

 Oxblood is one of this season’s hottest colours. Coincidently, this mysterious dark shade of red also gives off a modest yet rebellious sex appeal. Now, to balance those edgy coloured skinnies off , pull on an oversized wool sweater. Any warm and cozy wool sweater will create a relaxed vibe that will be much appreciated by you and your date. For your footwear, basic black flats are perfect for toning down all the first date gitters and creating that perfect down-to-earth atmosphere. Finally, a pair of a earrings will draw attention to you neck – just be sure to leave the extreme statement pieces for another time.


If your first date is more casual than anything (lets say a relaxed coffee date), then this is the perfect outfit. These casual light washed ripped denim will go great with a pink feminine understatement top.The understatement top will be give you the perfect first impression for those adorably-shy guys out there. But to add some extra personality, layer your outfit with  your favourite leather jacket and rock the colour blocking trend with a bold coloured handbag or clutch. These 2 pieces will spice up your casual outfit without being labelled “high maintenance”. Lastly, add a pair of wedges for a boost of confidence!


If nothing is working out, just remember that a smile is a girls best weapon. If that doesn’t work, run! Just kidding, enjoy and good luck!


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