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If you haven’t already invested in this feathery trend yet, it just might be time! Feathers became a pretty popular trend last year and it hasn’t yet died down.

One thing is for sure, swarms of feather inspired accessories are still seen on countless retail floors. But let’s not overlook all of the feather inspired prints and materials seen on runways such as Alexander McQueen. 

Full length feather gown by Alexander McQueen  

(Check out the Alexander McQueen’s latest collection here)

It’s not likely that most of us are going to walk around in a head-to-toe couture feather dress but feather accessories are easy ways to add to your everyday look. This nature inspired accessory can give an entire outfit a completely different edge. It creates a bold bohemian look,  yet it’s not something too over the top.
Available at several stores such as Urban Outfitters,  you’re most likely to find a feather that’s perfect for your personal style.
 PLL’s Lucy Hale sporting one of LA’s una mae’s feather earring.  
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