Fall Trend: Faux Fur

There will be a resurgence of faux fur in the upcoming weeks and months as the colder weather (sadly) approaches us. Fall weather calls for amazing and glamorous fashion and with that said it is also one of the best seasons of the year. This time around we will be seeing faux fur once again. Faux fur can be fun and playful when it’s not overdone. If you’re intimidated to try it out due to the fear of looking ridiculous, slowly dive in with some of the following accessories that will incorporate the trend into your daily wardrobe in small doses.


Try a faux fur collar with a double-breasted jacket to increase the elegance of your outdoor gear. This will not only keep you looking great but warm and toasty as well. If you’re looking to pair it with a lighter look before you have to go near those winter coats then how about adding it to a leather jacket. These two hot trends don’t clash but blend together to create a sophisticated and beautiful combination.


Faux fur can also accent your footwear. Ankle boots are adorable on their own but trimmed with a touch of faux fur and they will look stylish as well. Suede and faux fur mix the best as neither fabric overpowers the other.


If you’re feeling like something a bit more daring then try a faux fur vest. Not only are they extremely cozy but they look incredibly  glamorous. Faux fur vests look the most polished in neutral tones like greys, blacks, beiges and browns. Styling them with darker hues or some color, it doesn’t matter because they will be the center of the outfit either way.


Every woman should try to enhance their wardrobe this fall and winter with a furry (faux not real) transformation. Don’t overdo the look with gigantic fur jackets. This season is all about moderation. If none of the above looks work for you try some faux fur accessories like gloves or hats and you will automatically transform your outfits.

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