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Fall Color Trend: Cobalt Blue!

Got the summer blues?  As long as it’s the cobalt blues than you’re right on trend this season.  The color Cobalt, a bold and vibrant blue, is your solution to curing those summer blues!  Cobalt has become a huge trend in the fashion world, making it a must have in your wardrobe.  Think about adding a sharp blazer, colored denim and a stunning dress to your cobalt blue attire.  It’s a color that can’t go un-noticed and commands the attention of others.  The right color speaks volumes when achieving style success!

Now that you have purchased your cobalt blue, we have to style it!  When styling you want to think of coordination over matching.  With a bright color or any color think of it as a neutral and add in colors based on that.  This cobalt blue dress is perfect for the fall because it’s a heavier fabric and it’s sleeveless which gives it a little sass!  The red with the cobalt blue is a gorgeous color combination.  Always think of small ways to add in more colors when you are wearing a one toned dress.  I added colors with the bangles and the bag.  These little details are what make the cobalt stand out and a well styled outfit!

A bold blazer is a must have in every woman’s wardrobe.  Blazers are not just worn as part of a suit anymore.  They add a finishing touch to any outfit from jeans to a pencil skirt.  So it makes perfect style sense to have a blazer that is a color trend. Cobalt blue can be worn with so many colors or add that pop of color to any outfit.  I’ve paired this cobalt blazer with a yellow skirt.  This color combination is very trendy, as with cobalt and red.  It’s styled with similar colors in the clutch. Under the blazer you can pick any color, including colors in the shoe or a neutral color blouse or tee.  Since we have two separate colored pieces, I used the patterned shoe to really add some spice to the outfit.

We have to love the color denim trend that is all over the fashion world.  Cobalt blue is a great way to start your denim trend in the right direction.  It’s a bright enough color but not too over the top.  For this look I took a more casual approach.  Styled it with a studded white tee to give it some perk.  The jewelry is casual cute and I used a nude bootie and a printed scarf to give it a fall element. It’s a great weekend or Friday outfit with plenty style!

Now that you are craving cobalt blue and know how to style a fabulous outfit, don’t wait any longer to show the world!  Fashion feels fabulous and you are fabulous! Until we trend again!

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