Fall Denim Trend: Perfect Prints

Posted by Renee Campbell in Fashion

A new season brings new looks, new trends, and new clothes!  Denim is a must have in every women’s closet.  Let’s face it, we all have multiple pairs; from skinny to boot cut, low-rise to high-rise, light and dark washed jeans.  Fall is around the corner and it’s time add a new trend to your wardrobe.  Think perfect prints for your denim collection this fall!


Floral Denim 300x249 Fall Denim Trend: Perfect Prints

Just because summer is ending  doesn’t mean we can’t still look forward to fall floral patterns.   It’s such a pretty way to blossom  your denim wardrobe.  With many vibrant colors and prints, you can truly find the perfect fall floral pattern to showcase your personality.

Floral Printed Outfit 300x254 Fall Denim Trend: Perfect Prints

When styling your floral pattern denim, pick neutral colors to highlight the print.  You want the denim to be the focus, while subtly playing off the colors through your accessories.  It’s such a fun fall trend, remember to be playful with it.  I added a pop of color with the hint of fluorescent green on the bootie. I kept the everything pretty neutral but used the bracelet and the clutch to add just a touch of funk to this look. 


Animal Print 300x238 Fall Denim Trend: Perfect Prints

Awesome animal prints are hugely popular this season.  Denim wear is a great way to showcase the trend.  It’s the perfect way to show your secret wild side.  But always in a lady like way!

Animal Print Denim Outfit 300x240 Fall Denim Trend: Perfect Prints

My styling advice would be to wear animal print for a night out.  Since you are generally working with 2 colors, use the lighter color to coordinate the rest of the outfit.  It doesn’t always have to be the black.  I did a sequenced silver and gray top then paired it with a total different color shoe.  Pick any color shoe it will work trust me!  These animal print jeans become an elegant classy outfit.


Perfect Pattern 300x238 Fall Denim Trend: Perfect Prints

Spice up your denim with these wild bold printed jeans!  They are such statement pieces that you can’t go wrong.  You can dress these up or down.  Whatever your mood may be that day.  You can wear it with a ruffle white tee and an adorable flat.  Or add some spark to the look!

Perfect Pattern Denim Outfit 300x261 Fall Denim Trend: Perfect Prints

I used an off the shoulder playful pink top to soften the red printed denim.  I paired it with a nude pump that has a hint of print on the heel.   The multi-colored clutch pulls the look together in a very feminine demeanor.

Now that you have decided printed denim is the perfect fall trend, no more hesitating.  Use the styling steps that I’ve suggested and combine your personal touch to create perfect outfits!    Always wear great shoes and be confident that you look hot!  Remember your best accessory is your smile!  Stay Stylish until we trend again.