The Envy Is Real: Green Is the Color for Accessories This Fall

Pantone has released the official fashion color palette for 2016, and you’re going to love it for fall. WWD is calling it a “transporting and transformative canvas” that includes colors like rose quartz, serenity and peach echo. You’ll love these earthy, muted tones; they are going to be such a refreshing change from the all-too predictable jewel tones that have dominated fall wardrobes for years.

But in the midst of this demure deliciousness, there is one stand-out color in Pantone’s 2016 palette. Our favorite statement color for fall from the color experts at Pantone is called green flash. Here are our favorite ways to incorporate this bright bold color into your accessory rotation for fall, with ideas ranging from bold to brilliant.

The Hair

Bold tastemakers Katy Perry and Kylie Jenner are embracing green in the most obvious way possible — all over their cute little heads. While grey and lavender hair are still having a moment, the cutting edge of hairstyles with, well, edge, are in various shades of green. Katy Perry has been seen recently sporting bright emerald green locks with seriously dark roots (hey, low maintenance, right?!), and how could anyone forget Kylie Jenner’s sea foam green mermaid locks?

The best part about this look is, aside from causing whiplash on the streets and possibly making your grandma pass out, is you can embrace your color even as it fades. Start out with emerald green and as your color dissipates wash after wash, you get to enjoy the seafoam green color left behind without dropping another paycheck at the salon. Just be prepared to adjust your makeup because this drastic of a hair change will have an effect on the way other colors flatter your complexion. And whatever you do, don’t dye your eyebrows; it can take you from chic downtown drama to raver disaster with just a few swipes of the brow brush.

The Bag

The statement bag isn’t for everyone. Your purse is probably the most functional piece of fashion you own, because you use it every day, unlike your shoes or even your winter coat. So an excessive amount of studs or fringe here doesn’t necessarily appeal to all women. But who wants another boring black or brown bag? The solution to this carry all conundrum is to play with various shades of green in your purse selection this season. It’s the easiest way to break out of a purse rut. Check out this selection of handbags from Coach. The Ace satchel in racing green is our new obsession — not too over the top, not too muted.

The Stones

Emeralds are a girl’s best friend. Just ask the girl we would all like to be best friends with, Angelina Jolie. Who can forget the insane 115-carat Colombian emerald drop earrings and matching 65-carat ring that Jolie wore with a simple strapless little black dress a few years ago at the Golden Globes? These rich and vibrant stones are especially flattering with pale skin and darker hair, which really causes their color to intensify. Pair them with anything navy and deep plum and burgundy shades, but stay away from bright red or you might end up looking like Santa’s helper.

Most emeralds come from Colombia, Zambia and Brazil. Much like diamonds, do as much research as you can when investing in emeralds to be sure that they have been ethically sourced. Or, to avoid the risk of acquiring a conflict gem at all, invest in a more affordable alternative known as “lab-grown gemstones.” Of course, the color won’t be quite as vibrant as the real deal, but your guilt-free glowing smile should even that out.

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