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Get The Look of Glee’s Emma Pillsbury!

McKinley High’s guidance counselor, and long time Glee club fan Emma Pillsbury is portrayed by Jayma Mays. Throughout the years Pillsbury has had a long-standing crush on Will Schuester, director of the Glee club, which was seen into fruition by the beginning of the third season.

During the first season, while he was married, Pillsbury became engaged to the football coach, Ken Tanaka, but on their wedding day he broke it off. In season two she spontaneously marries her boyfriend Carl Howell, but due to certain complications it does not work. Finally by season three Pillsbury is living with Schuester and the two become engaged halfway through the year.

Pillsbury has severe OCD and suffers from mysophobia, an obsessive fear of germs and contamination. This becomes a huge factor in her personal life but it does not affect her work with the kids; Pillsbury is often the voice of reason, she is very compassionate and always helps people in crisis. Even though her OCD is not completely cured, she takes pills and goes to therapy and is actively working to change and show Schuester how she feels.

Style wise, Pillsbury loves vintage, her look is incredibly sixties, like she just stepped off the Mad Men set. Her wardrobe staples are cardigans, pearls, pencil skirts and dresses. While she is meek, her colour palette is vibrant. She doesn’t shy away from patterns, especially florals and polka dots.  Pillsbury either goes full colour or just a pop, but never fully neutral.

Emma Pilsbury 1
This first look is fun and feminine. The high neckline and pearls keep this look demure while the pop of colour from the cardigan keeps it fun. Pillsbury likes very bold prints that give her a youthful appearance and make her relatable to the students. This look is perfect for day or night by switching up the accessories and pairing the dress with a blazer.
Emma Pillsbury 2
This second look showcases her incredible use of colour. She looks professional and mature while standing out with the bold yellows. Pairing different shades of the same colour is hard but Pillsbury pulls it off flawlessly. Pillsbury keeps the outfit from being all yellow by adding a pop of red in the necklace. This simple touch keeps the outfit interesting and unique.
Emma Pillsbury 3
This last look is the most bold and high fashion. Mixing patterns can be difficult, but keeping them within the same colour scheme keeps it from clashing.What makes the look bold is the bright red skirt, the patterns in black and white with the skirt are beautiful together. The look still keeps with her retro look while the colours and patterns bring her into the modern sphere.
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