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Don’t Fear Your Perfect Red Lipstick Is Here–TRENDING SPRING 2012

From Hollywood starlets of the past to today’s glamorous divas at red carpet events; red lipstick remains classic. It’s a color that oozes sex appeal; spells allure and sophistication.

Many women think they cannot pull off a hot red, but it’s quite the contrary, it’s just a matter of rocking the right formula and shade.

Experiment to find how intense of a pigment you want to wear. From Spring’s bright orange-reds, chocolate reds or mulled-wine stains to Fall’s dark mulberry mouths; they are designed to be coiffeur-complimentary and offset any skin-tone. The finish can range from dense, creamy, matte, to high gloss.

Try the following tips:

* Prep your pout, by buffing away flakes using a lip exfoliating treatment and apply a clear balm to adjust the intensity of red you desire. Tip: Use a concealer or lip primer to get the purest shade from your lipstick tube.

*Red lipstick has the tendency to bleed; use a matching lip liner to stay within the lines.

*Select the right color!

Knowing your Skin-tone

Look at the underside of your arm, if your veins appear blue-ish you have cool undertones; if you have orange toned skin and your veins appear green-ish, you are warm toned. If you have peach, yellow or olive undertones to your skin, you can wear any red color lipstick! Lucky you!

It is important to choose the right colors; you skin will look more radiant, your eyes will appear brighter and it will give you a healthier glow. With the wrong colors, you may look more tired, have dark under eye circles and your teeth may even have a slight yellow hue.

Cool colours are mostly based on Blues, Greens, Pinks, Purples, Blue-greens, Magentas, and Blue-based reds. Warm colors are mostly based on Yellows, Oranges, Browns, Yellowish-greens, Orangish-reds, and the like.

If you have pink undertones in your skin opt for plum-based shades. With yellow undertones, choose warmer reds with a brown base. For medium to ebony skin, try a red with a blue hue and if you have caramel brown skin, select an orange-tinged lipstick.
If you have a color that is too dark, customize it by mixing shades together to create your own.

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