Summer-ize your Outfit with: Friendship Bracelets!

Remember those days at camp furiously knotting string together in order to create the perfect bracelet?

Well if you haven’t noticed already, fashion is often inspired by the most simple pleasures in life. Friendship bracelets have become not only a fun way to symbolize a friendship, but also a great fashion trend!

Its easy to create, extremely affordable and super cute and colourful! Coming in a variety of patterns, sizes and colours friendship bracelets are great to “summer-ize” any outfit!

 Miley Cyrus and Nicole Richie spices up their outfit with some easy DIY accessories! 

Designer jewellery takes on a modern twist of friendship bracelets. Above is a Links of London Friendship Bracelet (available for around 200$)

Not wanting to spend 200$? Try creating one yourself!

If you’re a beginner, click here for some great DIY tutorials! Intermediate/advanced? No worries, click here!

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