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Curvy Girl Style: How to Wear the Trends

This summer has not been kind to plus-sized fashionistas. Baggy, flowing tops, shapeless jackets and unforgivingly cut peplums lined the shelves this season. For many girls who cannot take the clothes off a mannequin’s back, trips to the mall may have left them going home empty-handed. But don’t worry curvy-girlies, the summer weather hasn’t forsaken us yet and with a little effort and a few helpful tips you can still take advantage of this season’s trends.

Super feminine and on trend, the peplum really steps up style and puts a look together. This great look is cut to be fitted below the natural waist, which is not so good for many of us who try to pull attention away from the tummy. So how do you make the look work when you’ve got a bit of a belly? Find a peplum that starts higher than the typical cut. You can take attention off your stomach and show of your curves with a peplum that is fitted closer to your natural waist or higher.

Stripes have been all over this summer and this popular pattern will likely never go out of style. But horizontal stripes work for very, very few people. Horizontal stripes will make anyone look wider then they are, which is typically something to be avoided. So if you want to wear stripes without looking like you’ve gained a few pounds, choose vertical stripes. Vertical stripes still give you the look by making you look longer rather than wider.


Loose, flowy blouses can be super cute and totally comfortable but they are absolutely void of shape. It might seem contradictory but loose-fitting clothing will never hide your size. If you aren’t showing off your curves, you’re just showing the largest part of you and looking bigger. If you want to wear a flowy blouse, go for something ultra see through. With a cami underneath, a chiffon blouse can let your curving form show through while still adding both coverage and style.


Oh the maxi dress, the pinnacle of style of comfort, it can do amazing things for the body; but when you’ve got some lady lumps, you need to make sure you’re getting the right one. So many maxis on the shelf are strapless, shapeless and doing no favours for the curvy girl. When you’re looking for your maxi, find something that has a defined waist that shows off the smallest part of you. Once you’ve found that, the dress will do its work to cover up the areas we want to hide and make you look long and lean. Make sure you get a dress that can be worn with a good bra, so you look pretty and perky.

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