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Trick or Treat: The Creepiest Fashion Editorials

In the spirit of Halloween (which is approaching too soon… I mean who even has their costume ready yet?), we have gathered what we believe are the 7 creepiest fashion editorials out there. So be prepared for those nightmares tonight.

These upcoming images will capture the darkness, mystery and berserk thoughts your beloved fashion industry hides.

Warning: These high but creepy fashion editorials may contain dark, scary and scarring images. (Happy Halloween!)

Photographer JeanFrancois Campos shoots a very creepy, zombie-inspiried editorial for Flair Magazine. I have a troubling feeling i’m not going to get much sleep tonight.

“Mechanical Dolls” by Tim Walker for the October 2011 Vogue Italia has the word freaky all over this photo!

V Magazine ups their saturation, creativity and fright with this very 90s styled photo by Kacper Kasprzyk for the fall campaigns. (Asides from the creepy-ness/dead like positioning, i’m loving those pumps!)

 Another shot from the “Mechanical Dolls” shoot by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia. This model is definitely ready for Halloween..Just look at her stiff doll-like body positioning. Imagine how many people I could creep out by posing like that!

The August 2010 issue of Vogue Italia produced a touching editorial called “Water and Oil” featuring Kristen McMenamy photographed by Steven Meisel. This image is actually really beautiful, captures such a touching and sacred moment.

This mysterious “Dreaming of Another World” editorial for Vogue Italia March 2011 does a fantastic job sending chills up my spine. (Photo by Tim Walker)

Vogue Italia September 2010’s issue featured model Ai Tominaga with this very fashion forward but chilly editorial named “So Stylish”.
That concludes the creepiest fashion editorials out there.
Are you ready for Halloween?
If not… hope you are now.

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