Colored Tights Trend: Love It or Hate It?

Fall’s color palette tends to involve more muted tones but it doesn’t have to. The fix? Colored tights!

This trend is beginning to encompass the streets and it is one that takes getting used to (especially if you’re used to the traditional black and nude version).

Just like colored denim, colorful tights are an easy way to spruce up your skirt or dress into something more playful. Personally, I was never one for this trend but ever since Blair Waldorf brought them back on the fashion radar in the first season of Gossip Girl with numerous variations, I have been more accepting.  Recently, we have also seen Glee’s Rachel Berry wearing the fun leg-wear.


If you’re just beginning to slowly indulge in these brighter tights and are still a bit intimidated then start off slow! Try a navy blue or burgundy shade with your outfit which will still allow you to incorporate some color but in a less flashy way.


However, if you’re going for a bold hue then don’t pair it with busy patterns. Keep the rest of your out on a more simple note to allow the tights to produce the right statement.


Other trendy ideas include patterned tights. Patterned tights can add some creativity into any bland outfit. Or how about trying thick socks over your tights along with cute booties? Another great combination to try out!


Tights are a convenient way to transition your summer outfits into fall fashion wear. They can add chic flare into any ensemble! What do you think of this colorful trend?

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    August 20, 2013 at 4:26 pm

    Too bright = over the top.

    Darker pastels – say, deep violet, forest green, burgundy, and navy – look great with otherwise monochromatic ensembles.

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