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Get The Look of Glee’s Artie Abrams!

Arthur ‘Artie’ Abrams, portrayed by Kevin McHale, is a wheelchair bound senior at McKinley High. Abrams is one of the original members of New Directions and dreamed of becoming a professional dancer. After a heartbreaking realization that he will never become a dancer Abrams is left wondering where his life would end up. With a small push from his teacher Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) Abrams new career goal became directing.

After losing his girlfriend Tina, Abrams joins the football team. Although his stint on the team was brief, he did help bring the them to victory. Abrams was also a key member of the McKinley High Decathlon team. The team had to raise money to travel to the competition, with the help of the Glee club they reach their goal and win.

Abrams is very kind and helps out various members of the Glee club. When Puck fails a test, Abrams bands together with a few others to help him graduate. Abrams is also compassionate and strong when Quinn is in a car accident that renders her paralyzed.

Abrams style is nerd-y prep, he loves his sweater vests, suspenders and baggy cardigans. He does not fear colour or patterns and likes to have fun with his clothing. While his style is classic it is also youthful and fun.

Artie Abrams
This look is a more updated version of Abrams classic style. The printed vest, beige pants, and oxfords are all still there, as well as Abrams beloved thick framed glasses. This look gives the classic nerd style a step towards being fashion forward. Playing with lengths and fit completely alters the feel of the look while still having the Abrams essence.
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