Fashion of the World Series: Sweden

Each nation has a unique identity that defines it to the rest of the world. A huge part of national identity is culture. Brooklyn has a sense of culture that is far different from Buenos Aires. In turn, the people of Ibiza are very from those of Moscow. And nowhere is culture more clearly expressed then in fashion. The fashions of the world are dominant by Milan, London, New York City and Paris. However, there are countless cities and countries that also have a bright fashion identity, yet go largely unrecognized. Take, Stockholm Sweden.

It turns out that Sweden has a bright and blossoming fashion world hidden in the beautiful Baltic nation.

Fashion in Sweden is classically characterized as clean. Like the nation itself, there is a lack of excessive color. Paired with the cleanness of the Swedish fashion scene is keen of minimalistic design. Again, Swedes are faithful to neutralist themes and unisex is the norm. However, uncommon fabric cuts are one area that Swedes indulge in.


It is not very common to walk the streets in metropolitan cities and see casually dressed people walking about. It is expected that one will look fashionable in public. However, it is not an overdone or dressed up fashion, as one who has been exposed to American standards of dressed up, would think. Practical but not exactly casual. Presentable and professional yet not lavish.

Affordability is key to Sweden fashion. Think brands like IKEA and H&M. High quality yet reasonably priced. This sets Stockholm apart from fashion capitals that associate cost with high-end fashion. The democratic roots of Swedish society extend to the nation as a whole. Outside of H&M, major labels include, Cheap Monday, and Acne Jeans.


Mercedes Benz Stockholm Fashion Week allows the world a look at Swedish high fashion. Although, fashion week becomes more important in Sweden every year, it is the blogging that holds the position of the most important media outlet.


Blogging is immensely  connected to the Swedish fashion industry. Sweden’s Elin Kling is the first fashion blogger to have a collection featured at a major store, H&M. Style By King is Sweden’s largest and most elite fashion blog. Through her impeccable blog and taste King, has taken on predominant positions in the fashion world, including being an editor at Sweden’s top magazines and newspapers. Elin King writes on her blog, Style by King, that her H&M collection and personal style embodies the foundation, stating that, “The collection is minimalistic and raw, but with bohemian elements, something that reflects my personal style well.”


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