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It’s All About the Hair: Sexy, Stylish and Fun Party Hair Ideas

Heading to the biggest party of the year and need that show-stopper look? Confused between curls, up-dos, bangs, and simplicity? Take a look at the following five go-to styles to gain a few ideas for your perfect party hair look.

LOOK 1: Curl Up and Dye

Not literally, well kind of. If you’re looking for a voluminous, sexy, look – leave your hair down and start heating up that curling iron. Along with curls if you want a change in colour, ‘tis the season for dark locks. In the midst of winter, dark strands look fabulous with a loose curl look if you’re up for the change. If colour is too drastic – stick with the curls and you’ll still rock the show. If you need that extra volume, you can use a full lace wig.


  • Using a 1” curling barrel, separate your hair into layers, with strands of 2”-3”.
  • Begin curling with the iron facing out to give the “Farah Fawcett” look
  • Hairspray the layer of strands and move onto the next.
  • Backcomb near the crown for more volume, brush curls out for a looser look

LOOK 2: Messy and Clean

Perfect the messy hair style and polish it off with a clean, au-natural make-up look. With a do that looks effortless, you scream low maintenance, yet remain fashionable and cute. The look is gorgeous with a tube top or open neck styled shirt or dress, paired with oversized earrings or an embellished necklace. If you are having trouble reaching a natural looking hairline, you can use a U part wig.


  • Leave hair natural or curl strands for a more wavy look
  • Wrap 2”-3” strands around your finger and pin in random areas
  • Cross-over remaining strands pinning and creating a bun lower to neck
  • Pull out remaining pieces to loosen/mess-up the look
  • Spritz hair spray to hold, for further glam pull out bangs to create an even more messy look

LOOK 3: Up, Up, and Away

Polished, refined, and simply perfect. Dazzle your way into the party with this stunning hair-do. Confidence and elegance combined into the perfect hairstyle, the famously known “sock-bun” style is guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd. The best part? It’s not even hard to do!


  • Take an old sock and cut out the end (where your toes would usually be). Roll the sock so it becomes a doughnut – and there you have your sock bun
  • Comb back all of your hair into a tight, high ponytail. Be sure to hairspray or gel any fly-aways to create the sleek and slicked backed Kim K look
  • Roll the sock bun right to the crown of the pony tail. You can either roll the hair down the sock bun, or surround the hair with the bun and tie it. Braid or tuck back any remaining pieces to differentiate yourself

LOOK 4: Simple, Straight and Chic

Simplicity at its finest. Don’t like to put a lot of effort into your hair, or just don’t have the patience? Well, no need to fear my friend, you can still look fabulous. The slick straight hair is simple yet chic, and can be ruled by anyone. Rock it with a middle part, side part, or bangs, and you practically have three different looks. Does it get any better? Use a wig to help achieve this look.


  • While hair is wet, use a penny sized amount of hair serum to get silky locks
  • Blow dry with a round brush to avoid frizz, and create some volume at the crown
  • Using a straightening iron, separate hair into layers and straighten strands 2”-3”
  • Spray hairspray to hold the look
  • Try different parts or bangs for a different style!

LOOK 5: Vogue-It-Out Ponytails

Want to keep your hair up and out of your face? Afraid that it won’t be glamorous? Fear not ladies! The ponytail is in town and it’s your turn to set the trend! Light the party on fire with an oh-so-hot ponytail – didn’t see that one coming, did you? It’s time to give more credit to ponytails. They’re simple, gorgeous, and easy! Even better – so many variations, so little time.


  • Hair can be straightened or curled, or even natural!
  • For a low ponytail tie closer to the neck, or if you’re in a sassy mood, go high!
  • To add some style:
    • Back-comb the crown for a voluminous look at the crown
    • Braid the ponytail, or even try a fishtail braid if you’re feeling really spunky
    • Pull out strands to create a messy ponytail look

And voila! There you are ladies. Five sexy hairstyles that I guarantee will have the whole party walking right your way. And the party don’t start ‘till you walk in. 

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