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Zooey Deschanel Starts Her Own Production Company

LET’S HERE IT FOR THE GALS! Zooey Deschanel and her business partner Sophia Rossi announced yesterday that they would be forming their own production company under 20th Century FOX. This is not the first time these amazing ladies are teaming together to produce, the two also created the popular website HelloGiggles along with pal Molly McAleer. So they have lots of experience working together!

Previously, Zoeey and Sophia have produced a pilot for the past TV season titled Must Be Nice, though it was not picked up. Even so, the head honchos at 20th knew they had a spark in Zooey after working with her on her hit sitcom New Girl. As any fan of that show can tell you, Zooey knows how to entertain a female audience. Chairman Gary Newman described the decision to sign the Sophia and Zooey to a two year contract:

“We’ve known Zooey as an actress through New Girl, and as we got to know her as a producer through the script she developed, we quickly realized that there is so much more to her. Zooey and Sophia have their finger on the pulse of young people and particularly young women, and we really responded to that.”

You can definitely mark us down as excited! We’re absolutely positive that Zooey and Sophia are more than capable of creating a television show that will easily connect with a young female audience. Just from their contribution with HelloGiggles we can see they completely understand the complexities of being a woman in the 21st century. We are so excited to see what type of concept they will come up with, and we will be sure to tune in once they do!


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