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The Vampire Diaries Returns Tonight!

The fourth season of The CW smash hit The Vampire Diaries returns tonight after a summer long hiatus!  Fans of the show have been waiting in impatient anticipation for the brand new season which promises lots of twists and turns, specifically Elena’s possible new life as a vampire.  The show must also continue the series long love triangle between the indecisive Elena and the two beautiful Salvatore brothers, Stefan and Damon.  While Elena cannot seem to pick between the two dashing siblings, fans of the show are not shy about professing their undying devotion to either Team Stefan or Team Damon.  Last season Damon was the front runner for a while only to be usurped by Stefan in the third season’s final few episodes.  We’ll all have to watch tonight to see who Elena will choose now that she too walks among the dead.

In celebration, let’s take a look at a few of our other favorite leading ladies who fell prey to a supernatural bad boy.

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