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Twilight Star Peeing In Public And Arrested For Drug Possession

Canadian Twilight actor Bronson Pelletier was reportedly arrested for public intoxication after peeing in public at LAX this week. It was later announced that his drunken escapade was the second time he’s been arrested in the past week.

He was taken into custody last week for cocaine and crystal meth possession at GYM Sportsbar in Hollywood, where he was reportedly drunk and a nuisance to other bar patrons. Eventually, staff called police to come get the actor, who refused to leave the bar, and while placing him under arrest for public intoxication, officers found the drugs.

Despite these multiple arrests, the actor who plays fellow wolf pack member Jared, insists he has done nothing wrong. Bronson has now spoken up about the situations and is claiming that he was setup and that neither of the events happened.

He claims the airport incident happened after a Twilight fan bought him drinks with the intention of getting him drunk before the flight, then reporting him and getting him kicked off the plane. The actor is pleading not guilty to both incidents and says “peeing did not happen.

In regards to the drug charge, he told TMZ, “Uh, yeah, no…that did not happen.”

Bronson is scheduled to appear in court on January 17, 2013.

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