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New Twilight Book!

Great new for Twi-hards!

In honour of the 10th year anniversary of the Twilight Saga, author Stephanie Meyer has written a 442 page gender-swapped retelling. The novel is called Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined and is written by the point of the view of the male protagonist, Beau Swan.  Just like the first Twilight book, Beau moves to Forks, Washington and fall in love with a mysterious vampire Edythe Cullen.

Today on Good Morning America, Stephanie Meyer made an appearance on the show and announced the new project. “I wanted to do something fun for the 10th anniversary,” said Stephanie, adding that she was bothered by people who thought Bella was a “damsel in distress,” so she flipped the genders.

Stephanie also said writing the novel was faster and easier than Twilight. According to the foreword, the retelling allowed her to correct errors that always bothered her and to re-edit the piece for grammar and word choice issues. She also got to alter some elements of the mythology for consistency.

Entertainment Weekly reports the author first announced that there would be bonus content packaged as a part of the anniversary edition during the Forever Twilight Fan Festival in Forks, Washington., last month, though she acknowledges that some fans will be disappointed not to see Midnight Sun, the telling of Twilight from Edward’s perspective, included. In fact, she begins her foreword with “I’m So Sorry,” blaming the decision to omit Midnight Sun on lack of time.

So, who’s going to spend Thanksgiving weekend reading the new novel?

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