Top 10 Hottest Dads in Hollywood

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We have all been with a guy when an attractive older woman walks by. Sometimes this woman will be accompanied by her child, which will lead our male friend to refer to her as a “MILF”. For those of you who don’t know what that means check this definition out. It might be annoying to hear our boyfriends or guy friends talk about guys caring for kids, but luckily here is a list of attractive celebrity fathers for you to fawn over.

Most of these men are already sexy enough on their own. But for some reason, seeing them with their children, whether it be at the park or on the red carpet, only makes us love them even more. Whoever thought that strollers and baby bags would be sexy?


It’s hard to believe that The Fresh Prince is old enough to have teenaged children. One of the biggest actors in Hollywood, Will Smith is very supportive of his children’s already-budding careers and has even taken a step back to let them enjoy the spotlight.


Though he often plays tough characters, Ben Affleck has admitted to having tea parties with his girls. Something tells us he was relieved at the birth of his son.


Like his buddy Ben, Matt Damon is also a father surrounded by women. During the filming of the “Bourne” series, Matt missed his children so much that he flew them and his wife all the way to Morocco to be with him on set.


As if little Flynn Bloom didn’t have enough good genes from his supermodel mother Miranda Kerr, his father is the adorable Orlando Bloom. In almost every paparazzi shot of Orlando, he is accompanied and often kissing his adorable son.


Often photographed out with his three gorgeous boys, David Beckham has now added a little girl to his beautiful family. As if it wasn’t obvious enough how much he loves his kids, he had all of their names tattooed on his body!


Single dad, Ryan Phillippe shares his parenting duties with ex-wife Reese Witherspoon. It’s hard to find him around town without his daughter, Ava and mini-me son, Deacon.


Patrick Dempsey says that his daughter once told him he was handsome and it was the “greatest compliment of his life.” Known for being the handsome Dr. McDreamy, we think being a father is his most attractive role yet.


Former bad boy, Johnny Depp has given up that image since the birth of his children saying that they gave him a “new lease on life and reason to live.”  He once told an interviewer that his daughter told her classmates her father was a pirate and he had never been so proud.


It’s hard to picture Thor as being a softie, but photographs of Chris Hemsworth with his newborn daughter made women swoon everywhere. It is no doubt that little girl is safe in those God-of-Thunder arms.


This is a no brainer! Brad Pitt is the ultimate hot celebrity dad for making time for his six children despite having a busy career. Sometimes he is even handling two at a time!


Who do you think is Hollywood’s sexiest father? Let us know in the comments below!

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