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Top 15 High School Movies of the 80s

Some Kind of Wonderful

This was basically a reworking of Pretty in Pink, but this time Hughes wanted to get the ending right. The genders are flipped, but the story remains the same. Keith and his best friend Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson) are from the shady part of town. Keith’s in love with the popular and beautiful Amanda Jones. Boy meets girl, boy takes girl on a date, boy realizes he’d rather be with his best pal. The soundtrack is awesome and features one hell of kiss in mechanic’s garage.

Can’t Buy Me Love

McDreamy before he was McDreamy! Patrick Dempsey plays the geeky Ronald Miller in love with his popular neighbor the vapid Cindy Mancini. When she spills on her mother’s expensive jacket, Cindy needs to find the money to buy her new one. Ronald to the rescue! He offers to give her the money in exchange for her pretending to date him. She agrees and makes him over so that he’s the envy of every kid in school. When the popularity gets to Ronald’s head he loses his sweet innocence and the heart of Cindy. Can he get it all back? (P.S. have you seen Easy A? The tractor scene was inspired by this movie!)


The original Mean Girls, Heathers chronicles a group of high school girls all named Heather and one Veronica (Winona Ryder). The leader, Heather Chandler, is the most horrid girl you can imagine. Embarrassing the less fortunate and bullying her supposed friends. A new kid in school, JD (Christian Slater), catches the eye of the precocious Veronica and changes her entire idea about how high school should be. After Heather takes things a little too far at a college party, Veronica vows to kill her. JD and Veronica then go on a murder spree, killing the popular kids who make the rest miserable. It’s dark and hilarious and perfectly encapsulates 80s culture. If for no other reason, watch it for the amazing dialogue and incredible costumes.

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