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Top 15 High School Movies of the 80s

Weird Science

Brace yourselves kids, because this list is going to be riddled with John Hughes‘ classics starting with his ode to nerdy boys everywhere. Weird Science is the tale of two geeky pals (one played by Hughes staple Anthony Michael Hall) who are tired of being lame and lonely. So they use their combined brain power to create the perfect woman, Lisa (Kelly LeBrock), by using their computer. When she actually does come to life, Lisa helps the boys find confidence by showing up the popular boys (a young Robert Downey Jr.) and learning about themselves.


The original Footloose does not actually have as much dancing as the remake would like you to believe. And there is certainly no hip hop. In the original version a young Kevin Bacon moves from Chicago to a small town where dancing has been banned. He meets the preacher’s daughter and immediately learns of the town’s past. After a long battle, and a hefty solo dance session, Bacon is able to redeem the town and bring back the dancing. A young Sarah Jessica Parker also stars.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

This is Sean Penn‘s big break, as Spicoli, your average every day pot head. The story is broad, it focuses on a group of high school students in California, but it has a true to life feel. Cameron Crowe wrote the movie based on his actual experience going undercover in a California high school.

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