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Top 10 Celebrity Siblings

Siblings may have a love/hate relationship, but the strong bond of blood and fame can never be broken.These celebrities have proven that stardom runs in the family! Check out our top celebrity siblings here.


  1. Chris and Liam Hemsworth

The two Australian heatthrobs have recently found fame (and love) in Hollywood. As Chris played the leading role in Thor, The Avengers and Snow White & the Huntsman, his younger brother Liam starred in The Last Song and The Hunger Games. Such sexy duo.


  1. Dakota and Elle Fanning

Dakota’s big break came at the tender age of seven in the acclaimed film I Am Sam. The teenager has since made a successful transition from child to adult actor with her villainous role in the Twilight saga. 14-year old Elle has stepped out of her sister’s shadows with the sci-fi film Super 8 and heartwarming film We Bought a Zoo.


  1. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

The twins have been in the spotlight since they were infants in Full House and have continued on to become billionaire sisters, as co-presidents of the company Dualstar and designers of their several fashion lines.


  1. James and Dave Franco

James found worldwide fame with his role in the (original) Spiderman films and has continued on with the critically acclaimed film 127 Hours. He’s will also be starring in the upcoming film Oz: The Great and Powerful. Younger brother Dave shares not only James’ good looks but acting talent as well. He most recently starred in the film 21 Jump Street.


  1. Prince William and Prince Harry

The royal brothers have been in the British spotlight since they were young. William has obtained a piloting license and married sweetheart Kate Middleton last year. Harry has served in the military as a second lieutenant and on the front line in the Afghan War.

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