15 Television Shows You Should Be Watching

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810television 0 15 Television Shows You Should Be Watching

Now that we’re in the thick of the winter months it’s harder and harder to fight the desire to stay in doors plopped in front of the TV wrapped under a blanket.  We here at Secrets of a Good Girl don’t blame you, in fact we’re going to help you! Below we’ve compiled a list of old and new shows, most of which have strong female protagonists, that are a must see this winter and beyond.

Tell us your favorites in the comments below!!

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  • whydoihavetosignuptoeverything

    shitty list, heading should have included….. if you are a girl

    • andynd568

      what site is it on ?

    • Kepke

      damn right! tell me what the F is that?

    • Arrow815

      and youve seen HOW MANY of these shows to know they’re only for girls, dumbass?????

      good god some losers are SCARY dumb! XD

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004282560816 Matt Smith

    This is a list of shows you shouldn’t be watching. Except parks and mad men.

  • lucifell

    By the 3rd page I knew I was looking through a female perspective. Try to be a little less biased next time.

    • Sarah Humphrey

      Didn’t y’all notice the title of the site? It is directed towards females bc it is a site for the gals! I on the other hand enjoyed it, go back to your breaking bad boys.

    • lucascott

      for the love of all things, please don’t assume that this writer is demonstrating some kind of universal ‘female perspective’. She’s not. Some of us aren’t Twihards who think that Edward is the perfect boyfriend and 50 Shades of Bleech is even fine fiction much less literature.

  • show fan

    omg worse list ever vampire diares ok and teen wolf ok but the rest really! how about game of thrones witch is getting high ratting or true blood????

    • Guest

      game of throne is f’n beyond godawful trash

      get a clue moron

  • rob

    Incredibly shitty list. Mindy makes the list while The Walking Dead did not? what kind of journalist are you?

  • http://twitter.com/WalterBishopFAN Arthur Bishop

    Needs more Fringe, Breaking Bad, Dexter, Homeland, Person Of Interest and Boardwalk Empire…

    • lucascott

      Those are ‘male’ shows, don’t you know that. No girl would ever watch any of them. Which is why they aren’t in this list. Because it is basically sexist tripe that imagine that there’s a certain type of show that appeals to females and they couldn’t possibly be interested in anything else.

      • JA

        As a female, I like more of the shows Arthur listed than on this top 15 list….

        • Ariana Morris

          I’m a girl and I found this list breathtakingly awful. The shows I have seen– and yes I have seen enough episodes to know– are so awful that I am pretty sure I won’t be trying to catch the ones I haven’t.


    So glad many of them not airing in OZ

  • leahtevez

    I’m ashamed that a girl wrote this crap. Most of it is bubblegum crap for idiots. Very low brow stuff. Now a few shows on the list are good. Parks & Rec have certainly upped their game in the last couple of seasons. Happy Endings has probably the most underrated cast and writing on Tv.

    Mad Men is boring as $h!t. They were cool and new for one season now the formula is simple – let’s do boring stuff all season and have a cliff hanger finale. GIRLS is the biggest heaping pile of crap on tv. It’s pure hipster propaganda. Yes i want to see rich white girls in NYC whining about not getting laid enough. And just cos the lead is a fat chick who gets naked doesn’t make the show cool. Vampire diaries, Awkward, Pretty little liars, Teen Wolf, hart of dixie and Gossip Girl are pretty much the same show with minor variations and really just for dumb little girls.

    A REAL list would include Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, American Horror Story, Strike Back, Archer etc. Not all girls are like you….predictable little Bieber IQ failures at life.

    • Arrow815

      every shytefest you mentioned, except archer, is godawful boring overrated trash you pathetic dumbass

      maybe have an actual clue what youre talking about before painfully embarrassing yourself in the future

      you’re welcome X )

      • leahtevez

        Not really. But I expect nothing less from an unemployed 40ish fat bald dude playing with his angry inch in his mom’s basement. Enjoy your irrelevant life. You could die today and no one would care. OWNED! Next!

        • Ariana Morris

          ….what is /wrong/ with you? I’m ashamed that /you’re/ ?apparently? a girl considering the crap in your comment.

  • DodgeThat

    Finally someone got it right! This is the perfect list…….if you’re a woman or a gay.

    • lucascott

      You mean if you are a woman trapped in the 1950s or a gay that thinks he’s a woman trapped in the 50s

  • http://www.facebook.com/maxime.lambert.9849 Maxime Lambert

    …..This is for girls dammit except Mad Men…

  • todzer

    Was this whole article an advertisement for Netflix? It’s at the end of most of the reviews….

  • CouchPotato

    Suits. American Horror Story. Fringe. 2 Broke Girls. Modern Family. Suburgatory. The Big Bang Theory. The New Normal. The Walking Dead.

  • Emily anonymous

    Umm…of course it’s for girls. It’s on a site called secrets of a good girl, for crying out loud.

    • lucascott

      Presumes that all girls are the same and still into staying at home making babies, cooking for our man and reading Harlequins. Or at least Mary does.

      heaven forbid any of us actually like some action or a real plot with decent acting.

      • calm down

        It’s actually just a few shows that have strong female protagonists. As many have pointed out this is a website for girls. Each of these shows have strong female fanbases, and many have male fanbases as well. This is not a statement about how women should act or feel or be, it’s about entertainment and many women are entertained by a vast majority of the shows on this list. This list is geared toward female centered shows, and yes there are many great action/plot driven shows on television right now that were excluded from this list, but that isn’t what this website is about, it’s about pure unadulterated entertainment (often guilty pleasures, which was mentioned in a lot of the write ups).

  • Maureen McKinney

    Supernatural. That is all I have to say.

  • Tulipsnwindows

    Warehouse 13, Lost Girl, Arrow and Rizzoli & Isles comes to mind.

    I’m with you on PLL and OUAT.

  • Joe

    LMAOOOO WHAT A GARBAGE LIST!!! no breaking bad, the walking dead or american horror story? hahahaha shit!

    • Guest

      american horror story is easily the worst show of the last 20 years and walking dead and breaking bad completely fail in every way

      get a clue dumbass

  • http://twitter.com/LucyWallis_Ev Lucy Wallis

    Seriously, where is Supernatural? – Demon hunters, ghosts, humour, dark plot twists and an angel in a trenchcoat… what’s not to love?

    • lucascott

      You forgot the two hot guys. That’s really the only thing that could possibly appeal to us girls after all. We don’t like humor unless it is romantic, we don’t like all that paranormal stuff etc. We just like hot guys.

      • http://twitter.com/LucyWallis_Ev Lucy Wallis

        Yes there is the hot guys also, but that isn’t why I watch it, that is just a plus.

  • thebearjew

    where the hell is The Walking Dead

    • Guest

      its shit

  • http://twitter.com/koobs_mary I love 1D and IM5

    The only shows on this list i am watching is ‘Teen Wolf’ and ‘PPL’.

  • lucascott

    Female and I agree with 3 of them. of the rest 2 are so so and the rest in my opinion are utterly stupid and borderline insulting.

  • ashes

    Ben and kate!

  • Guest

    how you can be so incredibly dumb to call PLL a “guilty pleasure” is beyond worrying.

    Its simply AN AMAZING SHOW moron and ridiculous leaps and bounds better than overrated godawful shyte like mad men, game of thrones, walking dead etc

    UGH get a clue next time genius

  • striderx

    “Needs more Fringe, Breaking Bad, Dexter, Homeland, Person Of Interest and Boardwalk Empire…” DITTO

  • Vengenz …

    Where the fuck is Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Supernatural and Sons of Anarchy?
    Most of these are over-dramatic shit shows with bad acting on top!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jasper.stensballe Jasper Stensballe


  • davo

    Game of thrones

  • batman

    OUAT;Vampire Diaries; American Horror Story; Teen wolf; Grimm; Supernatural;

  • Sunschine27susi

    Omg, i only know ampoor third from this list (seems like the other ten didn’t make it as far as europe) and, well – i guess mad men and gossip girl are kind of classcis. Like it or not. But, crap, Teen wolf is what i watch when i need to relax my brain and don’t have the time for Twilight! And – give me a break – i watched four episodes of Pretty little liars and – just NO. And who the damn hell wants to watch Once upon a time, if you can have Supernatrual or Grimm (which is very likely to be my favourite in the moment).

    Despite that, i norice some big loss of something at least a little bit demanding! i understand that everyone has these moments when you just need something – well, somwthing like Teen wolf or Twilight – but i could never do without my Criminal minds at least once a week! End of the story!

  • Denise Clay

    How old are you?

  • Cricket

    Not one of the listed shows do I watch. I watch NCIS, Faceoff, Naked Vegas, Psych, Being Human, Continuum, several Animal Planet programs. Criminal Minds, CSI, Haven,
    Downton Abbey, other PBS shows, etc.

  • http://reigncwfans.com Chelsea Sowers Smith

    Reign is a pretty good show. reigncwfans.com