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Best Teen TV Side Kick Couples

There is no such thing as an excellent television series that does not have a core romance driving the story.  This is especially true for the teen drama series that has always been popular for tweens and teenagers, and a guilty pleasure for most adults (whether they admit it or not). The central romance is integral to the success of the series, if the audience is unimpressed with the love story they are unlikely to continue watching, regardless of the content. As many shows have discovered, the love triangle is often the most obvious route to keep an audience interested.

Within the triangle there is always the golden girl and the golden boy destined for a life of tortured monologues. The third member is generally one of comic relief/the obvious wrong choice. This character generally starts as the side kick to the golden character (most often male though has been seen in females). For me, the side kick is often the much more interesting character and when the side kick is triumphant I find myself cheering for their victory! I like it even better when the side kick is not a part of a triangle at all but has found his or her own side kick counterpart. Those are generally the greatest love stories ever told, minus all the dramatics of the central romance.

So I have decided to compile a list of my favorite side kick romances, where either one or both parties were originally designated to the side kick role until some genius in the writing staff decided to allow them a leading romance. Check them out and be sure to comment with some of your own favorite side kick romances!

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