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Teen Mom 3 Cancelled!

Teen Mom 3 is being cancelled after only one season.

MTV reportedly decided to terminate the show for several reasons, but one of the main ones being super low ratings. Teen Mom 3 debuted with 1.81 million viewers in August 2013, but viewership fell to 1.24 million by its final episode, according to Wet Paint.

Also, one of the contributing causes was the cast’s unhappiness with how they were being portrayed on the show.

After the news that the show had been cancelled, many of the cast members took to the internet to sound off on the devastating news.

Briana DeJesus said on Twitter, “Teen mom 3 was one of the best experiences I ever had! I will never forget it! Time to move on from MTV and do bigger and better things & no I don’t mean become a porn star lol.

Alex Sekella Tweeted, “Yes no more teen mom 3. Guess we weren’t enough of train wrecks for it to be interesting. America wants to watch crazies oh well #relieved.”

Fellow cast member Katie Yeager also shared her relief that the show was over. “I’m grateful for this experience. Molli and I are ready to move on from this and live a normal life. Thanks for all the love and support.”

Such a shame. At least these young mommies will have time to focus on their families now.

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