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Taylor Swift Donates To Deaf School After Online Prank

Country starlet Taylor Swift reached out with a $10,000 donation to Boston’s Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing after it was disqualified from a contest due to voters who thought it would be funny for the school to win a concert  promising an on-campus performance by the Grammy-winning singer via Facebook.

The school in Boston was disqualified from the contest because many of the votes were from Internet pranksters who thought it would be funny for a school for the deaf to win tickets to a live concert.

The Boston Globe reported that instead, Taylor and contest sponsors will donate a combined $50,000 to the school, and U.S. cable channel VH1’s Save the Music program will donate $10,000 in musical instruments.

Every student at the school will also get a  ticket to her next local concert.

Principal Jeremiah Ford told reporters, “Are we the winner? Absolutely.”

Taylor is releasing her fourth studio album, “Red,” on Oct. 22. She claims it is “the most adventurous album I’ve ever made.”

“Red is really kind of diary entries of the last two years of my life,”  Taylor told Reuters in a telephone interview.

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