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Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Celebrate Their 1 Year Anniversary


Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris celebrated their 1 year anniversary with some cute gifts.

The DJ  snapchatted a happy Taylor holding a chocolate cake with 1 year written in white frosting lettering and red hearts. The text on the snapchat was 1 year…that was easy. Also in the snapchat, he said, “We got one year cake, it’s one year. Yay!

He also gets major boyfriend points for giving Taylor a heart shaped gold locket engraved with the date of their anniversary.

The “Out of the Woods” singer must have loved the locket so much because she took a picture and posted it on Instagram for 6.5million followers to see. She captioned the photo with, “3.6.15 One year down!”

When the couple first started dating, they were pretty secretive and didn’t post about each other on social media much. In fact, they didn’t publicly acknowledge their relationship until May 2015, meaning for two months; no one had any idea they were dating.

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