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Taylor Swift Goes Brunette and Miley Cyrus Goes Blonde?

Recently, two of the hottest young starlets have changed up their hair shades!

22-year-old Taylor Swift‘s new light brown hair was revealed in the behind-the-scenes video of her latest CoverGirl campaign “See You, Be You.” Swift’s trademark is her wavy blonde hair and so the change comes as a surprise to many people. However, her locks may not be as dark as it seems, as her hair looks lighter in the promo video as compared to the CoverGirl photos.

Swift isn’t the only one who’s up for something different, Miley Cyrus recently tweeted a new photo of herself along with the caption,

“Now that I’m blonde I gotta give duck lips in every photo.”

The 19-year-old’s previous red ombre hairstyle is no more as she seems to be embracing her new, lighter hair shade.

Both celebrities seem to be changing up their image with their hairstyles. Taylor is transforming from an innocent girl-next-door into a sleek and classy woman. For Miley on the other hand, her cute Hannah Montana days are no more, as she’s all grown up.

Tell us how you think! Do you prefer the girls’ original hair or is change always for the best? Let us know in the comments below!

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