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Superheroes at Baby Gap

Gwen Stefani would once only be identified as No Doubt’s lead singer however nowadays she is also the stylish diva who brings fashion to a whole new level. Besides her original take on the latest trends, Gwen Stefani is usually pictured with the three men in her life; her husband and two young boys. Having Gwen Stefani as a mother means these boys are always looking good as well. Stefani’s latest outing with her youngest son, Zuma, was to a beach in L.A. Of course Zuma looked adorable as ever in a Spiderman t-shirt that is part of Baby Gap’s new line by Junk Food. This collection offers an assortment of heroes to choose from as well as matching swim trunks, sunglasses, shoes and hoodies. Head over to Baby Gap and let your little man be a superhero for the day.


Check out http://www.gap.com/ for more options!

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