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Steamy Tom Hardy Takes Down Thieves


Hollywood bad boy, Tom Hardy, was seen in Richmond, just southwest of London, chasing down two young men who are claimed to have stolen a motorcycle worth £50,000. Hardy was having a stroll down Church Road when he saw the mischief and took off on a foot pursuit.

Witnesses are claiming the movie star turned into a superhero and ran furiously to catch the bandits. An onlooker claimed he not only tackled one suspect but continued by

“checking him for weapons.”

The Scotland Yard put out a statement about the incident, however, did not mention Hardy, only that a “citizen” made one of the arrests. If you ask us, that is one heck of a citizen.

Tom has played in movies such as The Dark Knight Rises, The Revenant, and in the remake Mad Max: Fury Road. The actor has yet to comment on the event.

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