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Soulja Boy Admits He Was Behind The Wheel of His Car At Time Of Crash

Soulja Boy, 21, has finally admitted he was behind the wheel of his Bentley when he crashed into a pregnant woman’s car, although he claims the accident was not his fault.

Soulja says the other driver was responsible for the collision, which took place in Hollywood over the weekend.

“Our light was green.  We were going straight.  She turned too fast, thought she was gonna make it, hit my car.  You know what that was.  That was some people trying to come up on some money…I was going in a straight line.”

The unnamed pregnant woman was taken to Cedars-Sinai Hospital to ensure all was well with her and her baby’s health.  Her husband did speak out though, claiming the rapper crossed the double yellow line and hit their car while they were sitting in the turning lane waiting for the red light to change.

Soulja didn’t waste any time purchasing a new car after the incident.  He got a new Audi on the same day.

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