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Snooki Is Having a Baby Boy!

Jersey Shore star Snooki has revealed that she is expecting a baby boy with fiance Jionni LaVelle, according to AceShowBiz. Though the reality star was hoping for a girl, she stated that she was just as happy with a little boy.

 “I was hoping it would be, because all girls want girls. It’s still my baby, no matter what. I’m excited either way!”

The gina is due in September and though she may seem excited for her child to be entering this world, should we be?

I’m not sure that Snooki would make the best mother to this little boy. After all I have seen on the reality show, I have been left a bit worried.

According to MailOnline, Snooki allegedly vowed to tone down on the partying.

Hopefully she will prove me right!

Also, rumour has it that the “smush room” is turning into a nursery, now I am left wondering what this will mean for the rest of the cast.


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