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Simon Cowell and Carmen Electra Are Dating?!

It would appear so! The X Factor creator and the what is she famous for Carmen Electra are apparently seeing each other in a romantic way.  The odd pairing became public over the weekend when they were spotted having dinner at Cecconi restaurant in West Hollywood.  Bystanders reported to Perez Hilton that the couple seemed “really into each other,” and were even spotted kissing!! The image is almost too much to take in.

The ex American Idol judge and Pussycat Doll dancer (??) (seriously why is she famous?) met last February after Electra visited Britain’s Got Talent as a guest judge.  At the time the Baywatch actress (oh!) was engaged to rocker Rob Patterson, but it seems she’s dropped him for the much older Cowell.

The longevity of this oddball relationship is yet to be seen, but we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for any romantic double dates with Britney Spears and her man, or more displays of affection on reality TV.  All the best to you two weirdos!

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